High School Students

As a college educator, Dr. Cusumano has a unique, first-hand perspective of the college population and the many challenges they face.  The recent economic condition has caused a huge shift in applications among the nation’s colleges.  State and community colleges are flooded with applications, while private schools vie for applicants from a similar demographic making competition for acceptance fierce for all.

For many high school students and their parents, it’s more important than ever to identify schools and programs that fit the student’s interest and skill level and will also be a good value for his/her educational needs.  However, they will also have to find clever and aggressive ways to compete with other applicants. Today, even being a straight “A” student is no longer a guarantee that he/she will be a standout applicant.  And if the student has had some academic challenges, then they especially will need a strategic plan to help “market” their potential through examples of extracurricular activities, special interests, or talents.  But that process needs to start long before applying to colleges.

Dr. Cusumano works with high school students to assess their skills, interests, personalities and future career choices.  Programs of study are explored and appropriate colleges identified, which match the student’s goals and financial condition.  Together, counselor and student develop an action plan to create a uniquely personal college profile and accompanying application materials.  However, like life, the student is ultimately responsible for remaining faithful to the process of working the action plan and taking responsibility for his/her own actions or inactions. Counseling sessions are private (one family at a time) and may be short or long term, depending on need.

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