College Grads & Career Changers

A career changer herself, Dr. Cusumano understands and appreciates the emotional, financial, and logistical concerns of changing careers.  Whether through job loss, “forced” retirement, newly single, or just plain unhappy with your current position, making the leap into the job pool or leaving one pond for fresher waters can prove challenging; exciting for some, stressful for others. Dr. Cusumano helps clients through this process with a smart, thoughtful approach to career change based on informative inquiry, self-understanding, and a well-planned approach that considers ones current lifestyle, obligations and options for managing change.

In today’s business climate, many people are having to reinvent their careers or find new ways of working.  Perhaps now is the right time for you to consider a more appropriate and authentic career path that adds meaning and fulfillment to your life?   Seize the opportunity.

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