Mornings bright with amber light
Seduce with the promise of possibility
Like a new lover you so want to believe
Despite the red flags of ambiguity.

And then comes night, stars delight
In the darkness that brings hope to its end,
And your tired heart knows the lesson it is fated to learn
As you retire to the cold and empty of your bed.

But daylight returns like an optimistic friend,
“Get up,” it says. “Let’s try this again!”

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Tonight I Cried

Tonight I cried for all the lost years,
For all the hurt I caused you,
Because I couldn’t love you the way you loved me.
Because, ironically, you were the one person who loved me truly.

Tonight I cried for the woman I used to be.
For all the happiness and innocence lost,
Because the person I loved, truly, loves another.
Because he could not love me the way I loved him.

Tonight I cried for all the dreams I’ve abandoned,
For ambitions half heartedly pursued, sabotaged by cynicism and doubt,
Because I don’t believe that love conquers all anymore,
Because I still want it to…
Tonight I cried because I am alone.

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Black cat, black cat,
Sitting behind my door.
Black cat, black cat,
Looming nearer than before.
Have you come looking for a friend or a home?
Or is it that you sensed I didn’t want to be alone?
How patient you sit and wait
For what I do not know,
Emerald eyes imploring me not to go.

“I’m here to bring you a message from the other side.
Don’t turn away toward your distractions-
From destiny you cannot hide.
So follow your heart and remember who you are.
For the souls who are here to guide you are never really far.
And now I must leave you as the evening light fades.
Don’t cry my dear, I’ll return in the morning haze.”

Black cat, Black cat,
Tell me where to begin.
Black cat, black cat-
Perhaps next time, I’ll let you in

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You are a mystery that cannot be solved.
Hard to know, easy to love,
Many people in one.

You are a puzzle whose pieces don’t fit.
Missing in action, promises redacted,
A role well-acted?

You press me a shirt, then miss our date.
My pride is hurt, your apology’s too late.
You lure me near then disappear.

Beautiful boy, broken.
Manipulative man, sadistic.
What happened to you?
Why do I even care?
You are a mystery that cannot be solved.

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A Conversation with Deepak Chopra

Deepak says to practice non-judgment.
“But his actions are so hurtful…?”
Only if you let yourself experience his actions as hurtful.

Deepak says to practice forgiveness.
“Then they keep taking advantage of me…?”
Only if you choose to see it as taking advantage.

Deepak says to detach from ego, the source of pride and vanity.
“My friends think I am a fool…”
Then they have much growing to do; that is their path.

Deepak is very wise…but what he hasn’t figured out yet is that people suck.

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I know a little something about being a chameleon;
Different personas to appease the crowd, mirror the mood.
But you change colors like you change “friends,”
A term you use loosely; its meaning clearly misunderstood.

Yellow, you’re happy to see me.
White, the heat of your desire.
Blue, the cool distance you keep between us.
Black, no response. You’ve stopped communicating.

I never asked for much, just your honesty and friendship.
But clearly, these are two things you’re not interested in.

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You sit down at my table and the air around us changes immediately.
A palpable charge, the energy shifts; infused with electricity.
Our eyes fix on each other’s, and I have to look away.
I’m unnerved by what I think I see.

Have you ever been caught out in a storm by surprise?
A gust of wind, a hint of danger; yet you feel energized.
You run your hand down my back and lightning courses through me.
Something about you intrigues as something in me comes alive.

Your voice radiates down to some secret untouched place,
My pulse quickens and I can feel the heat rise to my face.
We don’t just talk, we connect;
tethered by an invisible silver thread.
And I thank the universe for this gift, for her grace.

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The waiting is never easy.
Caught in the in-between moments of fate, we wait
For the doctor’s call, on a relationship that stalls, in empty halls.
But destiny arrives in her own time
And suddenly there is reason, there is rhyme.
Opportunities ensue, we love anew, the stick turns blue.
The challenge is living in the in-between days of change.
Trust. Pray. Play. Today.
Laugh. Love. Give. Live.
Because the waiting is never easy.

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Finger dance, you entrance
When you play your tunes for me.
Another chance for a fine romance
I can tell, I’ve gone weak in the knees.
But the songs they change, get rearranged
To fit your funny, fickle heart.
Can you find a way to make the magic stay
For the times that we’re apart?
Come sing to me, a melody
In your familiar sexy voice.
Make me smile again my wayward friend,
When you touch me, I have no other choice.

I’m just your piano, waiting for you to play me.

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The storm came out of nowhere,
My vessel unprepared.
Pounding waves upon me break,
Upside down, spun around.
Capsized in the wake.

Your eyes cast light,
a beacon in the night,
Luring me towards safety’s shore.
Outstretched arms, a sanctuary’s charms,
Safe Harbor ‘til dawn.

I like this place and prepare to stay,
But morning’s light turns gray.
The tide has changed much like before.
High seas about, you ease me out.
Safe Harbor no more.

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