Black cat, black cat,
Sitting behind my door.
Black cat, black cat,
Looming nearer than before.
Have you come looking for a friend or a home?
Or is it that you sensed I didn’t want to be alone?
How patient you sit and wait
For what I do not know,
Emerald eyes imploring me not to go.

“I’m here to bring you a message from the other side.
Don’t turn away toward your distractions-
From destiny you cannot hide.
So follow your heart and remember who you are.
For the souls who are here to guide you are never really far.
And now I must leave you as the evening light fades.
Don’t cry my dear, I’ll return in the morning haze.”

Black cat, Black cat,
Tell me where to begin.
Black cat, black cat-
Perhaps next time, I’ll let you in

-Jennifer Cusumano